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I am seeking freelance opportunities related to software development. I would be interested in assignments related to embedded systems or the world wide web and internet assignments regarding C++, Java, PHP, and other software technologies.


N.C. State University B.S. Computer Science

My studies emphasized operating system internals, concurrent programming, data base management systems, and mathematics.


Analytical Software Packages

Delray Beach, Florida
September 1998 - Current

Principal Software Engineer

Responsibilities include creating online travel websites for various venues. Content is developed and managed using a Content Management System (CMS) system that I wrote in J2EE/Java 5.0/JAXP/XML and the J2EE/Java 5.0 Collection Classes. The CMS was developed using Eclipse as an IDE. Dynamic content is created with PHP/MySQL/Apache. The Data is being or has been acquired from XML data feeds from Travelocity, through World Choice Travel, Orbitz, Interactive Hotel Solutions, and and their subsidiaries. The data is parsed using J2EE/Java 5.0/JAXP SAX classes and XSLT. Data is validated using XML Schema. Data is then sorted and massaged using the Java Tree Classes, Java Hash Tables, and other J2EE/Java 5.0 Collection Classes to organize data in a local community’s context, Static pages are then generated by Java, XML/XSL, JAXP, SAX, and PHP. In addition, CGI programs are written in C++. The front end of the CMS is developed using Model View Controller (MVC) methodology by using Struts 2, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, and JSON technology among others.

CBS Interactive

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
2013 - 2015

Sr. Software Engineer

Responsibilities include developing and supporting software for the CBS Interactive property, the website. Technologies used are primarily Java technologies, and also includes JavaScript, various JavaScript libraries, Node.js, MongoDB, CoffeeScript, Oracle, JDBC, SQL, XML, SAX, JSON, AJAX, Web Services, Maven, SVN, Git, PHP, Twig, and others. Work was primarily performed on the backend, but also includes the front end of Development tools used during development include NetBeans, Eclipse, PhpStorm, and JMeter.

Innovative American Technology

Coconut Creek, Florida
April. 2012 - November, 2012

.NET/C# Developer

Responsibilities include designing and implementing user interface software for devices that detect radioactive sources for homeland security applications. Development environment was a .NET/C# environment using Microsoft tools which includes Visual Studio.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Miramar, Florida
August. 2011 - February, 2012

Java Developer

Responsibilities include creating web pages for shipboard services including shore excursions, dining, spa, and beverage purchases. Web pages are created using JSP, JSTL, JavaScript, and JQuery. Development environment makes use of IBM’s Rational Application Developer(RAD), Eclipse and Websphere.

General Dynamics C4 Systems

Sunrise, Florida
June, 2008 - November, 2009

Principal Software Engineer

Designed and developed software for the WIN-T project. Primary language used is Java. Development tools include JBuilder, an Eclipse based development tool. Configuration management tool is ClearCase. High level design was performed using Rational Rose and UML.


Raleigh, North Carolina
June, 1996 - June, 1998

Device Driver Software Engineer

Responsibilities include evaluating performance characteristics of Pentium Pro based PC Servers. This task is accomplished by writing WindowsNT device drivers and C++ WindowsNT application programs that monitor the Pentium Pro performance counters, evaluating Pentium Pro bus traffic and the bus protocol with HP Logic Analyzers, and developing software that formats trace data gathered from Pentium Pro bus traffic.

Compaq Computer Corporation

Houston, Texas
June, 1995 - June, 1996

Software Engineer

Responsibilities include identifying and resolving conflicts with portable Compaq computers and Windows NT. Problem resolution is accomplished by debugging Windows NT device drivers, interfacing and negotiating directly with Microsoft Corporation and various hardware vendors.


Boca Raton, Florida

Software Engineer, Performance Engineering

Responsibilities include performing performance analysis for human centric application software on the PowerPC under the WindowsNT Operating System.


Boca Raton, Florida

Software Engineer, Embedded Systems

Responsibilities include designing and developing a pattern generator that automatically generates test cases used to functionally verify an integrated I/O gate array composed of two cascaded 32 bit 82C37 DMA controllers. The pattern generator also generates test cases to functionally verify a PCMCIA controller. The pattern generator was written in the programming language C++ under AIX on the RS/6000 workstation.


Boca Raton, Florida
1992 - 1993

Software Engineer Simulation Systems

Responsibilities include designing and developing an automatic simulation validation environment. The purpose of this effort is to compare the results of an 80486 simulation model with an actual 80486 processor on a cycle by cycle basis. The validation environment consists of a Tektronix DAS 9200 Logic Analyzer and a RS/6000 workstation. Data is gathered by the DAS 9200, downloaded to the RS/6000 and manipulated by software written in the programming language 'C' on the RS/6000. This effort included light exposure to AIX, X Windows, and C-shell programming.


Boca Raton, Florida
1990 - 1993

Software Engineer Operating Systems Kernel

Responsibilities include participating on the team that developed the operating system OS/2 2.0 using the programming language 'C' and 80386 assembly language. Contributions were made to device helper routines, the interrupt manager, the resource compiler, and memory management routines. Test equipment used includes the Hewlett-Packard 16500A Logic Analyzer and the OS/2 Kernel Debugger.


Boca Raton, Florida
1989 - 1990

Software Engineer, Simulation Systems

Responsibilities include participating on a design team that developed software using the programming language 'C' with OS/2. This software is used simulate 486/586 microprocessors. Version control is accomplished with the software package PVCS. This effort helped IBM improve the design of hardware components such that the performance of the PS/2 computers is more competitive. Microprocessors used include the 80386 and 80486. Test equipment included the Hewlett-Packard 16500A Logic Analyzer.


Boca Raton, Florida
1987 - 1988

Software Engineer

Responsibilities include participating on a design team that developed PC based software using the programming language 'C'. This software is known as DDMS, which is software used under DAE to control external devices, which in turn controls manufacturing equipment in a multiprocessor, multitasking, distributed environment.

Analytical Software Packages

Raleigh, North Carolina
1984 - 1987

Software Engineer, Embedded Systems

Responsibilities include defining, designing, implementing, and marketing software products for the IBM-PC family and related peripherals. This software is mathematically and graphics intensive and has been written in the programming language 'C' for the Geotechnical Engineering Community. Features include device drivers for graphics oriented I/O devices (e.g. the Hercules Graphics Card, various dot matrix printers, and the Canon Laser Printer), and curve-fitting algorithms.

Telex Computer Products

Raleigh, North Carolina
1978 - 1985

Software Engineer Embedded Systems

Projects include development of 3270 network controllers. Responsibilities include design and implementation of device drivers for communication processors used to implement SDLC and BSC communications protocols, real time embedded systems for 68000 and Z80 based computer peripheral equipment, and the kernel for a multiprocessor, multitasking operating environment. Version control is accomplished with the software package PVCS. Test equipment used includes numerous logic analyzers, in-circuit emulators, and communications line monitors.